Who Preached Pacifism

Father Daniel Berrigan, the radical priest whom, along with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the British government banned from visiting Bobby Sands on his hunger strike, has died. Daniel Berrigan visited Ireland on many occasions. His record on civil rights...

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Gordon Lightfoot & Bobby Sands

While on the blanket protest Bobby Sands wrote a song, I Wish I Was Back Home In Derry, which he sang out his cell door to the air of Gordon Lightfoot’s song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Bobby’s song has been recorded many times, most famously by Christy...

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Basque Prisoners Translate Bobby Sands

French writer Julie Duchatel recently spoke by telephone with Basque prisoner Aitzol Iriondok who along with his comrade Jurgie Garitagoitia has translated into Euskara (Basque) Denis O’Hearn’s biography of Bobby Sands, Nothing But An Unfinished Song. Julie (with...

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To The Brink

Former hunger striker Laurence McKeown's interview with Anns Sussman on NPR (formerly National Public Radio). NPR serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States. This is the text of the interview which can also be heard...

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Vicenza/Verona Events

Last Sunday, 1st March, was the 34th anniversary of the day in 1981 that Bobby Sands began his hunger strike which lasted sixty-five days until his death. Recently, another former hunger striker, Laurence McKeown spoke at two events in Italy to commemorate the ten men...

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Councillor Attwood Proud of Bobby Sands

There is a certain irony that while the SDLP has declared its intention of supporting unionists in changing the name of a park in Newry named after hunger striker Raymond McCreesh, the namesake of a Belfast SDLP Councillor, a councillor in Queensland, Australia, named...

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Hunger Strike In Greece

Former IRA prisoner Seanna Walsh was interviewed by Ethnos Sunday, one of the biggest newspapers in Greece, about the 1981 hunger strike, against the background of a Greek teenager who is now into his 25th day on hunger strike over his right to education. Seanna, who...

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Yarim Kalmış Bir Şarkı

Next week sees the publication in Turkish of Denis O’Hearn’s biography of Bobby Sands, Nothing But An Unfinished Song. The book will be published in time for the Istanbul Book Fair, November 8th -11th . The book, under the Turkish title, Yarim Kalmış Bir Şarkı: Bobby...

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Pat Sheehan on Al Jazeera

This week Al Jazeera broadcasted a documentary on Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons and the tactic of hunger striking. The film, which was made by Al Jazeera Arabic/Focus film is about the tactic of ‘open’ hunger strikes which have often been used in...

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Son of Hunger Striker Visits Belfast

  Basil Farraji, whose father is on hunger strike in an Israeli Jail, is visiting Belfast this week with the Path to Peace Project and meeting with solidarity groups and political activists. Abdul Razzaq Farraj, 51 years old, the administrative and financial...

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The Bobby Sands Trust was established to publish, promote and keep in print the extraordinary writings of Bobby Sands, who from prison isolation became an international figure in 1981, and who to this day continues to inspire Irish republicans in their pursuit of freedom from British rule.

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