Léo Ferré, the flamboyant French composer, poet and singer, who was born in 1916 and died in 1993, was a pacifist chansonnier and political rebel. His songs of protest and his music are revered to this day as classics in the art of the chanson and have been recorded by Édith Piaf, and Les Frères Jacques, among others.

During the Spanish civil war Ferré supported the anachists in their struggle against Franco though he sympathised with the communists and was a member of the French Communist Party until his death. His song, Le Temps Difficiles, refers to the Algerian war and the torture of Algerians by French soldiers.

In 1961 he wrote a wry, morality song, Thank You Satan, a condemnation of state injustice.

When he was singing this song in Paris, twenty four years later, he stood up and announced, “I dedicate this song to Bobby Sands and his comrades!”