Michael Gaughan’s Anniversary

Fifty years ago today, 3 June 1974, Michael Gaughan, from Ballina, County Mayo, died on hunger strike in Parkhurst Prison. Michael was one of the earliest IRA Volunteers to be imprisoned in England in the post-1969 phase of the struggle, sentenced to seven years on 23...

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‘But still we resist’ – Bobby Sands

Letters and poems of Bobby Sands continue to be discovered forty-three years after his death on hunger strike on 5 May 1981. Last September the legendary British peace campaigner and poet Pat Arrowsmith died at the age of ninety-three. Among her mementoes was a...

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Death of Khader Adnan

The Bobby Sands Trust has sent its condolences to Randa Mousa and her family after the death on hunger strike of her husband Khader Adnan. Khader was the victim of a punitive and cruel Israeli occupation that singled him out for his vocal stance on Palestinian...

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‘The Lark’ continues to inspire

Bobby Sands’s life and sacrifice continues to inspire singers and songwriters, of which, of course, Bobby himself was one, his songs and poetry regularly being recorded four decades after his death on hunger strike on 5 May 1981. In January Anne Rynne (sister of...

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International Reaction to death of Bobby Sands

The death of Bobby Sands made international headlines around the world and was quickly followed by protests in various cities against Margaret Thatcher and British interests, as this new, short film (below) shows. In America, New York State governor Hugh Carey and New...

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Fassbender on Bobby Sands

‘This film is definitely the closest to my heart out of all the work I have done…’  So said the German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender during a fascinating and extraordinary hour-long interview with host Juan Banco at last week’s (9-20 November) LEFFEST in Portugal. In...

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Surfing Into Life on a Bathboard

This is the enigmatic title of former blanket man Jake Mac Siacais’s memoir which previously was published as gaeilge. Here, guest reviewer Roy Greenslade gives his opinion on the book, part of the growing canon of prolific republican prison literature. -oo0oo- ‘I...

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On The Blanket

Many republican memoirs have been published in recent years covering a variety of prison experiences, from Síle Darragh’s John Lennon Is Dead, to Jaz McCann’s 6000 Days. Eoghan ‘Gino’ Mac Cormaic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, first published his book as...

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Death of Liam McCloskey

The death has taken place of Liam McCloskey, one of the surviving hunger strikers from 1981. Liam was originally from Dungiven, County Derry. He had been arrested in an early morning raid on his home in December 1976. Also arrested at that time was Kevin Lynch, his...

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Aljazeera Feature on Palestinian/Irish Solidarity

The following article appears on the website of Al Jazeera and is by Yousef  M Aljamal who co-authored the book A Shared Struggle: Stories of Palestinian and Irish Hunger Strikers, published by An Fhuiseog (2021). Hunger strikes show the history of Irish-Palestinian...

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The Bobby Sands Trust was established to publish, promote and keep in print the extraordinary writings of Bobby Sands, who from prison isolation became an international figure in 1981, and who to this day continues to inspire Irish republicans in their pursuit of freedom from British rule.

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