I’m sitting at the window, I’m looking down the street
I am watching for your face, I’m listening for your feet.
Outside the wind is blowing and it’s just begun to rain,
And it’s being here without you that’s causing me such pain.
My mind’s wandering back again, to when you were here
And I wish I had you now, I wish that you were near.
I remember the winter nights when you warmed me from the cold
And in the spring when we walked through green fields and skies of gold.

You’re gone, you’re gone, but you’ll live on in my memory.

In summer we played with the kids and you brought us young Jane,
But now – now it’s lonely and cold and it’s winter once again.
It’s dark now, I see the stars are all out way up in the sky,
And oh! how they remind me of the sparkle in your eye.

I’m lonely, yes, I’m lonelier than the cold wind that blows,
Are you happy? Are you all right? I suppose God only knows.
And darling all the people are going to bed and the kids are crying for you
– How can I tell them that you’re dead?

You’re gone, you’re gone but you’ll live on in my memory,
You’re gone, you’re gone but you’ll live on in my memory.

(Brendan McFarlane, commanding officer of IRA prisoners in the H-Blocks,
and Bobby Sands set this poem to music which is available on CD)