Israel To Force Feed Prisoners

Two hundred and eighty-five Palestinians prisoners are fasting in protest at their detention; 70 have already been transferred to Israeli hospitals because of deteriorating health. Many of them today marked their 49th day of fasting, and some of them have been...

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Hunger Strike Begins Today

  Palestinian prisoners are ready to mount a mass hunger strike, according to The Electronic Intifida, over the continuing Israeli policy of 'administrative detention', which is really internment without charge or trial. Speaking from Gaza Strip's Jabaliya...

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Death Row Prisoners Inspired

Denis O’Hearn, author of the biography on Bobby Sands, Nothing But An Unfinished Song, is Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, USA, and has been involved in campaigning for the rights of death sentenced prisoners in US Supermax Prisons. He has sent us this...

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San Diego Next Sunday

Last Sunday by visiting his grave, by commenting on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, many people marked the 60th anniversary of the birth of Bobby Sands. In the run-up to Bobby's anniversary he and his fellow hunger strikers were recalled at events in...

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Christy Remembers Bobby

"Today marks the 60th birthday of Bobby Sands. His name we'll always remember, his sacrifice we'll never forget. Today, I think of his parents and his siblings, his son Gerard and his grandchildren. I remember too his comrades, all of whom held Bobby in such high...

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Mandela & Sands

RT (Russia Today), the international multilingual Russian-based television network carries a feature by writer and commentator John Wight comparing Bobby Sands and Nelson Mandela. The feature can be read here. RT has a worldwide audience of 630 million people in more...

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Victory After 44 Day Hunger Strike

The six Singhs whose release Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa demanded have been released and Bhai Sahib Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa has ended has hunger strike after 44 days. This news has been sent to the Bobby Sands Trust by Inderjeet Kaur in a statement which said: "He is still...

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Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa, a Sikh, has been on hunger strike since November 14, in Mohali, protesting against India's refusal to release six Sikh Political Prisoners that have served their terms, but remain imprisoned for political purposes. Campaigners and supporters...

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Another Prize for Bobby’s Diary

An Italian translation of ‘The Diary of Bobby Sands’, Il diario di Bobby Sands. Storia di un ragazzo irlandese, by Silvia Calamati, Laurence McKeown and Denis O'Hearn has won yet another prize, this time in Cassino, Italy, on October 19th last. Young students made up...

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California Prison Hunger Strike

Hundreds of prisoners across Californian jails have entered their second month on hunger strike protesting against inhumane conditions. Their key demand is an end to indefinite solitary confinement in ‘Security Housing Units’. Some of the prisoners have been held...

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The Bobby Sands Trust was established to publish, promote and keep in print the extraordinary writings of Bobby Sands, who from prison isolation became an international figure in 1981, and who to this day continues to inspire Irish republicans in their pursuit of freedom from British rule.

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