The 30th anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike, in which ten men died in the struggle for political status, shone an international spotlight on the conflict in Ireland and irreversibly shaped the political developments for decades to come.

‘The hunger strike shaped the course of Irish politics. Bobby Sand’s election in Fermanagh South Tyrone in the Westminster election of April 1981, and of Kieran Doherty in Cavan Monaghan and Paddy Agnew in Louth in the June 1981 general election in the south, were watershed moments.

It has needed the intervening decades to understand the extent to which the courage and sacrifices of the ten men who died on hunger strike changed modern Irish history.’ – Gerry Adams TD, President Sinn Féin

This year, as part of events to mark this watershed moment in Ireland, Britain and more widely around the world, Sinn Féin will host a conference in London to discuss the legacy of the hunger strike and lessons for today. With leading figures from Ireland and internationally, including those involved in the struggle at the time, former prisoners, political activists, writers and documentors of events, the conference will be a key opportunity to look at this critical moment in history, mark developments in the intervening three decades and draw lessons and inspiration for today. As the current political process in the north moves forward, alongside the

continuing debate around Irish unity, the conference comes at an important

juncture, as the relationship between Britain and Ireland enters a new phase.

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