Death of Tony MacMahon

Members of the Bobby Sands Trust were saddened to  hear today of the death of Tony MacMahon (82), one of the best-known figures in traditional Irish music and a friend of the republican POWs, during earlier, grim times. In his time in RTÉ Tony, from Ennis, County...

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We Stand In Awe

In 1981 Jim Gibney, a member of Sinn Féin and of the National H-Block/Armagh Committee, liaised with the hunger strikers in the H-Block prison hospital. He tells of that period in the book, The Comrades Three months after the hunger strike ended Jim was arrested,...

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End of 1981 Hunger Strike

At 3.15pm, on this day forty years ago, the 1981 hunger strike ended after two hundred and seventeen days. With increasing family interventions as prisoners lapsed into unconsciousness the hunger strike as a weapon was voided. Within three days the British conceded...

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Gerry Adams Reviews The Comrades

In his most recent weekly column in the Andersonstown News the former President of Sinn Féin and ex-prisoner, Gerry Adams, reviewed The Comrades. The book has sold out and is now being reprinted. (Featured photograph is of Republican POWs in England protesting on...

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‘Powerful… extremely emotional’

The Irish premiere of a contemporary dance, inspired by the writings of Bobby Sands and resistance to oppression, was staged in the Devenish Complex in West Belfast on Wednesday, 22 September, sponsored by Féile an Phobail. Communities Minister Deirde Hargey was...

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There were three separate launches for The Comrades, a book written by former friends of the twelve hunger strikers who died between (1974 & 1981), with an introduction by the former leader of the women in Armagh Jail, Síle Darragh. The launches were in Belfast,...

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The Final Say

Two veteran republicans who were involved in the secret re-interment of Frank Stagg’s body in 1977 from a concrete Free State tomb to the Republican Plot in Leigue Cemetery, Ballina, have just finished a headstone and had the last word on the empty grave. The fitting...

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Palestine-Ireland – A Shared Struggle

As a result of a collaboration between Palestinian and Irish republican activists a new book, the first of its kind, has been published by An Fhuiseog in West Belfast and brings together the experiences of surviving hunger strikers from both nations. The editors were...

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Mickey Devine – 40th Anniversary

Mickey Devine was the last man—the tenth—to die on the epic 1981 hunger strike. Today is the fortieth anniversary of his death and it is a death, along with that of his nine comrades, that still resonates and impacts to this day with huge inspirational significance...

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A Shared Struggle— Stories of Palestinian & Irish Hunger Strikers is the latest publication from Belfast-based An Fhuiseog and is a unique book, bringing together for the first time the prison experiences of surviving Palestinian and Irish republican hunger...

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