Ras goffa Bobby Sands

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Bu Bobby Sands farw ym1981 tra’n ymprydio yng ngharchar Long Kesh yn Belfast. Ei nod oedd adennill statws gwleidyddol i’r carcharorion gweriniaethol. Serch hyn, ymddengys ei enw ar safleoedd rhedeg ar y we. Wedi chwilio ymhellach daw i glawr ei fod wedi bod yn aelod o Redwyr Dirwest Willowfield yn Belfast ac iddo fod os nad yn rhedwr penigamp, yn un brwdfrydig a llawn hwyl. Ysgrifennodd am redeg tra yn y carchar a’r ysgrif The Loneliness of a Long-distance Cripple yw man cychwyn y darn dawns hwn gan Eddie Ladd. Sail y coreograffi yw rhedeg ac mae’r rhediad hwn, ar beiriant rhedeg mawr, yn olrhain y chwe deg chwe diwrnod y bûm ymprydio. Comisiynwyd sgôr electro acwstig arbennig i’r darn gan y cyfansoddwr Guto Puw.

Bobby Sands died in 1981 on hunger strike in Long Kesh prison in Belfast. His aim was to win back political status for its republican prisoners. However, his name also crops up on running websites. It turns out that he was a member of a running club, the Willowfield Temperance Harriers, in Belfast as a young teenager. He wrote about running during his time in prison and his short essay, The Loneliness of a Longdistance Cripple, is the starting point for this dance piece by Eddie Ladd. The choreography is based on running and this run, on a large scale machine follows the sixty-six days of his hunger strike. The piece is performed to a specially commissioned electro-acoustic score by Welsh composer Guto Puw.

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One Response to “Ras goffa Bobby Sands”

  1. Fred Al-Jibouri on December 2nd, 2009 2:15 pm

    Of the heros in this life, Bobby Sands is in the top.
    I wrote this on 5-1-81. Somehow, Bobby gave me strength to fight by fighting his battle and by by standing up for what he believes in.
    There is no greater love or bravery than to give your life for it.

    Bobby Sands
    Its 5-1-81 Where’s Bobby?
    Bobby’s in the middle of a fight.
    He knows the odds are great yet he’s brave and unafraid
    The whole world is watching Bobby die!

    Its 5-1-81 Where’s Bobby?
    Bobby knows he’s going to die.
    He’s marching to his grave and he’s fighting all the way
    for the freedom that escaped him all his life.

    Its 5-1-81 wheres Bobby?
    Who’s to say he’s wrong or right?
    The queen that once was saved will drink the blood from Bobby’s grave
    For not granting Bobby’s gift from god called life!

    Its 5-1-81 where’s Bobby?
    Bobby’s breathing his last breath of life
    He’s dying not in vain For the battle will remain
    Bobby’s soul wont rest until he’s won the fight!!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck to all..
    Freddy Al-Jibouri (Other half is O’connor) 🙂

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