Kevin Lynch Memorial Unveiling

May 17, 2009 · Print This Article

A memorial stone in honour of hunger striker Kevin Lynch will be unveiled on Sunday May 24th at 7.30pm in Park Village, County Derry. The guest speaker will be Martin McGuinness.











2 Responses to “Kevin Lynch Memorial Unveiling”

  1. brian law on May 30th, 2009 9:00 am

    Im a 33yr yr old committed republican from glasgow town who has always wanted to play a part in the unification of good old Ireland but even after joining Cairde na hEarrean Sinn Fein’s sister party in Scotland I still feel like we are getting knowwhere when it comes to moving Ireland forward and a stalemate between the brits and Ireland seems to be the position as I see it?Now the lady who reps
    cairde na hEarrean in the barra’s tells you that Ireland is on the road to unnification but Im sorry to honestly say it doesnt look or even seem that way and the “anti Irish”Or “secterianism” is still well and trully secure over here in Scotland as the oranges made and do make sure of that and as we all know its always the unionists that have always been the block when the subject of Irish unity is on the table bearing in mind that it was our brave sons and doughters of Ireland and brave men like Kevin Lynch who played a valuable part in shooting and bombing the rebublican movement to the “table”in the first place so please lets not make kevin Lynch’s death be for nothing or the other ten brave republicans either for that matter.You put yourself in the shoe’s of a lonely hunger striker with no contact whatsoever with freinds family or your comrades and ask yourself “Could you have been as brave as Kevin was ?”Ask your self that and imagine yourself in that lonely prison cell fighting for the ultimate couse knowing that only weeks before you youbg men died and the odds are youwill die to and yet kevin still fought on knowing his tragic fate.God bless Kevin Lynch as he is and was a proper hero.Lets not make his death in vain and do what has to be done to unite Ireland once and for all.Is thwe peace process working?how long has the PIRA’s cease fire been on the table now?I say we re’evaluate it and the terms of it and ask orselfs ..the only question their is…Isd It Working?

  2. Mark Reid on May 31st, 2009 6:17 pm

    Very nice tribute Kevin Lynch. I just went to a ceremony to day in Montreal Canada to honor the remains of 6,000 Irish immigrants who died of ship fever in 1847 here in Montreal. Among them were my family. Even here we suffered under British rule. We remember every year…

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