The Lonesome Boatman

Print This Page Print This Page In the middle of the sleeping lake The Lonesome boatman dwells, Around him rise the bracken hills The dreamy glens and dells. The skies are red and rolling Tinted in the twilight's velvet hue The ragged scarecrow peers in relief To where the crackling crows have flown. The lonesome boatman doesn't move His clothes are old and worn Oh, lonesome boatman reveal to me why, Why you look forlorn. Is it life's sorrows Or a forgotten memory that you have found Or do you listen to the wind For the boatmen you've seen drown? Oh, lonesome boatman, there's a gleaming star High above your head. The waters glisten in the dusk Are they tears that you have shed? Oh, lonesome boatman, the birds are here, The morning shadows fall. Oh, friends, why must you be But a dying shadow on my lonely cell wall.